• Is there a telephone number I can call?

No, our company doesn't offer assistance over the phone but we will be more than happy to assist you via e-mail. All queries can be addressed to info@thestrangestore.biz. If any issue should arise regarding posting, which can't be resolved via e-mail, you will receive a phone-call on the number you have given to us on the subscription form.


  • How can I pay for the goods?


You can pay via credit card, Paypal, bank transfer and, customers purchasing from Italy, can also pay cash on the arrival of the goods. If this should be the case, there will be an extra charge of 5.00 Euros.

  • How long will it take to receive the goods?


Shipping to Italy will take between two to four working days. We ship every day from Monday to Friday. International delivery times varies according to the country of destination. We ship via express courier in Europe and via postal service to the rest of the world. It is in our interest to keep customers happy by receiving the ordered goods as soon as possible.


  • I have sent you a request but I still haven't received an answer, how long will it be before you get back in touch?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday. Generally you should receive an answer to your queries within a few hours but this will depend on the amount of messages we receive and on the priority of the request.


  • I have received the goods but I had to pay an extra charge of 4 Euros, why is that?

As clearly stated on our terms and conditions and on the page regarding shipping, if you wish to pay cash on delivery, 4 euros will be added to the original price of the order. This is because handling cash on delivery is more expensive than the other payment methods. 


  • The courier has been to my address several times but no one was available to collect/the goods have been returned to the sender by mistake/I have provided the wrong delivery address. What now?


If for any reason it wasn't possible to deliver the goods and they are in the depot, you should contact us as soon as possible (unless we have already got in touch with you). The depot will demand a payment for storing the goods. The depot will usually charge 12 Euros for the first three days and rising. We suggest you contact us as soon as possible as, by contract, we can have the goods stored for up to three days without extra charge.


  • I would like to make a purchase from your web-site but I am not sure what to do about the size. Can I ask for your assistance or the measurements of the goods?


Next to every product, there is an image that shows the details in centimeters regarding its wearability. To avoid unwanted errors, we suggest you compare items you own already to the ones you are about to purchase. If you need extra support, please contact us on info@thestrangestore.biz.



  • If I have chosen an item for which you haven't got my size, would you be able to arrange its production?


Unfortunately not, this is why we kindly ask you not to contact us to make a request to verify if an article/size is available. The availability of our products can be verified in real time, on-line, through the profile of the product itself. There is the possibility of certain products to be reissued but this happens regardless of specific requests (we can't accept bookings) therefore, we suggest you keep an eye on the website to stay updated on all new arrivals. In regards to goods on sale, if a size isn't available, it's unlikely to become available again in the future. 


  • Are all your items genuine?


All the items for sale on our website are new and genuine, they come with a tag/box. Our company is the unique owner and producer of the brand Industrial Strange.


  • I have receive the item I have purchased but I don't like it/it's not the right size. Can I return it?


Sure, you can return the item by making a request as described on the pages regarding returning goods. We will exchange the product or provide you with a refund. Shipping expenses will be on the customer.


  • What are the days and at what time the goods are delivered?


We ship via the courier GLS, which delivers throughout Italy and Europe from Monday to Friday between 8AM to 7PM. This is why, it's extremely important that  you provide us with the address of a receiver always available on those days and times. Alternatively you can request to have your goods delivered to one of the courier's branches near you and then collect it from there. 


  • Four working days have elapsed since I have received your shipping notification but the goods haven't arrived yet?


If this should be the case, there might be some issues with the delivery. Please get in touch as soon as possible to make us aware on info@thestrangestore.biz


  • I made an order by mistake/I've changed my mind/I've ordered the wrong item. Can I return the item?


No, however you can return the item according to our terms and conditions. By returning an item you will incur in extra charges due to storage, which will be billed to you.


  • I have subscribed or I would like to. What are the advantages?


Subscription is necessary to complete the purchase and it's free. By providing us with your e-mail address you will not receive any unwanted mail. On subscription, you will have the option to be part of our mailing list or not and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

If you own a shop and are interested to stock our products, by subscribing as a company, you will have access to a price list for retailers and the opportunity to order goods using your VAT number without restrictions of minimum purchases.